Cynthia Rodríguez – The Murder

The Murder
(after Leonard, before Donald)
Everything I fight for starts to disappear.
Vanish and dissolve like it was never there
and the will to live
is only ruled by illusions.
I’ve seen murder,
and it’s the future.
I’ve seen murder,
and it’s the future.
Give me poppers and violent scissoring,
give me lessons that no one’s listening,
give me anything but control
as I can’t handle it.
Give me hammers and give me TV screens,
old computer boards and new limousines,
give me fire, Prometheus,
and give me your vultures.
The butterflies lost their way
way before we did.
The whales, like reverse sailors,
getting lost at the beach.
Nature is wise, believes in suicide,
euthanasia is the way it can laugh ‘til it cries.
We’re the ones left to clean the aftermath
and you clean the soil in my boots.
Once they said
“the end is near”
“the end is near”
“the end is near”
and now I know what it means.
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