Dylan Orchard – Three Poems

No Cure for Shell Shock

They tell skeletons to walk
corpses to dance
remains to re-form
Let Jesus guide you,
you are the resurrection and the light
and to fail
to fall back into your grave
the weight of dirt cracking your bones
and cold earth claiming your breath
is to commit the ultimate sin
We, the living, may scatter in cemeteries
but only you, the dead, can read the names
And only if you refuse to rise
to be Jesus
do you deny the redemption we demand

Minor Flame

A flying fist is a fiery thing
A thousand tanks are not
A dying child makes good print
A thousand dead just rot
An explosive flash in a quiet town
is every anchor’s dream
But a minor flame
on a cold, dark night
is everybody’s shame.


The cracks are the wall
the bricks aren’t.
Prison or castle, the weather aged joints are what we mould to.
Then when it falls the pattern stays
and so do we.

Dylan Orchard is a London based novelist, poet, short story writer and occasional reviewer. His début novella (Laikanist Times) was my first grand adventure in the world of Indie Publishing and is available for Amazon Kindle. His début full length novel was released on the 1st of May 2014 and is available in all eBook formats and paperback.

He has also written extensively on Open Culture, free music, Alternative and UK Hip Hop for various sites and webzines.

He says “As well as the writing schtik I’m also a native Londoner complete with Thames water flowing through my veins. Which goes some way towards explaining my unhealthy pallor and tendency towards bouts of enthusiastic swearing to mark moments of anger, joy, indifference and most things in between.”