Eilidh Thomas – Malala Dreams

Malala Dreams…

…of a thousand friendly faces
and senses new uplifts in thermals of air

Her life glows in a limelight
of borderline as she awakes

Hold hands with Malala
she has a cloud street of stories to share

She is your mother
your sister
your daughter
and a cumulus of women

Whispers of camaraderie swirl around her
blow those whispers into howling gales
release them into free convection

She is your tipping point
your conscience for resistance
your resolve
your hope…

The air is flowering
where Malala dreams


Eilidh comes from Glasgow, grew up in Ontario, studied in Wales, and now lives in north east Scotland with her husband and collie dog, Smudge. She writes poetry and short stories, which have been published, selectively, in print and online over the past few years.