Fiona Russell Dodwell – Exit (a haibun)


Increasing personal profiles, positioning for future wins, taking on any portfolio regardless of interest or experience is one thing.  Changing the rules to exclude others when they don’t suit personal aims is another. And mudslinging directed at the very people who are not self-promoting; who have thought through implementation before announcing policy; whose values persist and are not poll-responses; who are working for the many, yet another.

The news about our leaders continues. I notice that the new Prime Minister has removed the words ’climate change’ from the Industry brief; and that it is not mentioned in the Environment brief, either. She must intend a special unit for Climate Change, I think. But no: too hopeful. I remember that she supports fox hunting.  The few should not be given more to the detriment of the many, she says.

Beyond the TV set the birches sway in the wind, bending nearly horizontal when there is a strong gust. 

 I feel desperate, nauseous, go out for fresh air.
  Birch seed – 
        on the doorstep drifts
of tiny doves.
Fianna  (Fiona Russell Dodwell) is from Fife and lives in the Fens. Her first poems were published in Ink Sweat & Tears, and since then she has had about 40 poems published, both online and in print.