Grant Tarbard – A History of Alarms

A History of Alarms

They have a history
those alarm clocks
beneath pillows,

the morning bells ring
as the killer dressed as air
chimes in dust streaked rays
from Croons Hill down.

They have a routine
those alarm clocks
on dressers,

the flowers of sleep
still in full bloom,
ripe upon eye lids heavy
with midnight’s tilled soil;

keep me pastured
in these unpolished fields
with no novelty C3P0 bleep
or Simpsons catchphrase on repeat
left to protest,

no lens LED, no long, ticking hand
pointing Sistine-like
at your unformed man-

just endless spools of unwound green.



Grant Tarbard is the chief editor at The Screech Owl and co-founder of Resurgant Press.
He has worked as a journalist, a contributor to magazines, a reviewer, an interviewer and a proof reader. He is widely published in magazines, has been a finalist for nomination for the Pushcart prize and won The Poetry Box Dark & Horror Poetry Magazine‘s Sinister Poetry Award May 2014 for the poem ‘Crows Feet’.

His first collection, ‘Yellow Wolf’, is out now, published by WK Press.

Grant Tarbard – Two poems

Gifts from my Son


under the gallows
of a Belgian battlefield 
he picks a relic

a dagger of wood
laying in its grave so long
resurrection was

a certainty, all
he had to do was prize it
from the bank of soil

wrestle the husk from
the uncertain gale of time’s
russet paroxysm 


under the rock crown
of a Tintagel grotto
lies the magics source

weeping turquoise tears
of departing smoke vapours
sorcery in an 

unmarked grave. The cave 
was flooded when he went there
he had his knights quest

to bring me back a
piece of Arthur, of Merlin
of Britain itself 

Into the Kettle
farewell, my young son
for the boy I knew has gone
into the kettle

into the vapour
into the fog banks with two 
shakes of a lamb’s tail

Grant Tarbard has worked as a computer games journalist, a contributor to football fanzines, an editor, a reviewer and an interviewer. He is now the editor of The Screech Owl.
His work can be seen in such magazines as The Rialto, Ink, Sweat & Tears, Bone Orchard Poetry, BLAZE, The Journal, Southlight, Sarasvati, Earth Love, Mood Swing, Puff Puff Prose Poetry & Prose, Postcards Poetry and Prose, Playerist 2, Lake City Lights, The Open Mouse, Miracle, Poetry Cornwall, I-70, South Florida Review, Zymbol and Decanto.