James W. Wood – The Longitudinal and Short of It

The Longitudinal and Short of It

for Andrew and Lindsey


Longevity risk is a global problem,
The poor are still here and there’s more of them.

Mortality Q-forwards, longevity swaps
Pay them less and less ‘til they all drop.

Longevity indices help quantify mortality
Work all your life and be subject to depravity.

A graphical longevity risk metric
It’s best to die young from cigarettes and sex.

Building an effective longevity hedge
Much more of this and you’ll jump off a ledge.

The data invariant property model
Better to blaze out than subsist in a hovel.

Blended algorithms drive K requirements down
It’s fear of death that keeps us paying these clowns.

K(t)1 represents the mortality curve
I demand to live; I refuse to bow and serve.

Joint prediction samples help quantify uncertainty
Walk tall, love and thrive: fear God only.

Zero-coupon swap CBD based on K-region
Let their money choke them: we are legion.



James writes: I’m the author of three pamphlets of poetry and a full-length collection, The Anvil’s Prayer, published in 2013; I am just completing my second collection, Time Signatures, from which these poems are taken. Individual poems, articles and reviews have appeared in The TLS, Poetry Review, The London Magazine, Critical Quarterly, AGNI (USA), The Boston Review (USA), The Fiddlehead (Canada) and many others. I am on the shortlist for the Live Cannon poetry award 2014, and will appear in the forthcoming poetry anthology, #1, by Vanguard Editions, curated by Richard Skinner. In 2014, I have read in the UK, Ireland and Canada and currently live in Toronto.

For more, please see my publisher’s website: www.wardwoodpublishing.co.uk, or my amazon author page here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/James-W.-Wood/e/B00EJJ8EL0/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0