Jane Burn – If I Ruled The World

If I Ruled the World

All those times I have never known what to say,
nor how to say it – I wish I knew how to frame things;
wish I had terminology.

I know what I’m against, yes. If you come at me with I’m not racist, but
then I will call you out on it – if you tell me how last night, the bitches
was all over you, you will wish you never talked to me at all.
There ain’t no way to justify.

I hate when people shit on people. Hate cliques. Clickety-click; aren’t we,
aren’t we so fucking clever with the in-jokes, the mutual grooming.
Exclusivity – the way it…excludes; if you don’t think you’re doing it,
it’s probably you.

Bullies – there ought to be some island somewhere – if I ruled the world
(which I do not want to do, as I have no desire to tell you how to be)
then there would be some sort of place for them…The level of my arguments –
gathering up the dregs of humanity and having islands (not the Orkneys;
they are reserved for me when I am Queen Of All Things).
I wish I was clever at politics.

Read stuff, think I should know more but I’m so tired; these jobs,
these zero-hours bullshit jobs. Minimum wage trapping us in situations
from which there is no escape; living without love. Knowing the old
are lonely and cold, that animals die in fear and pain; that hospitals are
full of filth, of illness half-cured, uncured.

So much war; human beings murdered on their streets. UKIP’s foothold.
Gove trying to kill the Mocking Bird. The rich getting richer,
the poor lacking access to resource, education. Accidents of birth that place
a King on a throne or a baby in a bedsit. Money – money being the root of all evil.
Pathetic – I do not know how to make the world a better place;
do not sleep at night, knowing that.



Jane Burn is a North East based writer and artist and is an enthusiastic participant in the spoken word scene there and regularly performs guest spots. She is a member of the Tees Women Poets and her poems have been published in magazines such as Material, The Edge, Butcher’s Dog, Ink Sweat & Tears, Nutshells and Nuggets, Alliterati and the Black Light Engine Room. She was also long-listed for the Cantebury Poet of the Year Award, 2014and will be featured in an upcoming Emma Press Anthology.