Joanna Mackintosh – The Lonely Town

The Lonely Town


A blink, a glance, a second look,

Once there, now lost to shadow.

Bustling streets, brilliant light,

So calm, the pavements wait.

The breaking dawn removes the cloud,

Sunlight filters through,

Empty roads, lonely parks,

Such silence reveals all.

Lonely town, once loved by commerce,

Left empty, cold and forgotten.

Time has betrayed your local market,

Grocers, old and bare.

Cobwebs line the empty shelves,

Dust, thick as treacle.

A blink, a glance a second look,

No memory of what was there.



Joanna Mackintosh: I am 31 year old mum of three living in the north east of Scotland. I have been creatively writing since I was a child and have a particular interest in writing within the genre of science fiction and horror. I recently won short story of the month in A Long Story Short Magazine.


Joanna Mackintosh – The Bereaved

The Bereaved

The broken twig snaps,

Splintering all but my bitter soul upon the ground.

A coldness creeps upon me,

I fear,

I embrace,

I love.

So beautiful, the falling leaves of Autumn,

The crescent moon within the sky.

I hate that I should see when you do not,

That I should feel what you cannot.

Forgive me for the life I breathe,

I breathe with laboured guilt.

The broken twig snaps,

My foot,

Upon your grave.



I am a 31 year old author and mother of three living in Forres on the north east coast of Scotland. I have been creatively writing for as long as I can remember and love to write in the genre of horror and science fiction. I recently won story of the month in The Long Story Short Magazine and am hoping to continue my success.
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