John Lanyon – The Standardization of Raindrops

The Standardization of Raindrops

On emergence from the cloud
All raindrops will be assessed for symmetry
Non-standard drops will be returned
For a fresh start
Raindrops which linger
Taking in the view
Will be accelerated
Less than transparent raindrops
Will be polished before release
Lonely raindrops will be integrated
Freezing raindrops will be warmed
To a minimum of 5 degrees Centigrade
Raindrops with excessive, show-off surface tension
Will be counselled
Raindrops will not slide down window panes
Raindrops will be proud of their patch of sky
Failing clouds will be re-named
Raindrops congregating in rainbows
Will be dispersed
Raindrops from nimbostratus clouds
Will be viewed with suspicion

No more puddles
No more splashing
No more reflections


John Lanyon is a gardener, musician and writer living in West Oxfordshire.