Kevin Reid – Three poems



Sorry if my unkempt beard offends.

Sorry for wearing a suit when I beg.

Sorry for my ruddy face, the stains and

smell of piss. Yes, my hands are filthy,

but so is money too. If it’s any bonus,

last month I was a banker.


Iraq Inquiry


I had to take the decision as prime minister…


Baghdad, Basra, Najaf, Falluja – bombed.


Suppose we backed off… we know he retained

the intent, knew how to restart a nuclear and

chemical weapons programme.


Immense levels of dioxins, depleted uranium.


In the end it was decisive, I am sorry about that.

I did my level best to try to bring people back

together again


Birth and brain defects in newborns,


Responsibility – but not regret… No regrets…

I’ve got something to learn.



Mass Grave

Where cars, bicycles
zimmer frames and
white goods are crushed
by their own kind
just like Yazidis.



Kevin Reid lives in Scotland. His poetry has appeared in various online and printed journals, such as, Pushing Out the Boat, Ink Sweat and Tears, Amaryllis, The Interpreters House, The Open Mouse and forthcoming in Domestic Cherry. He is the founding creator of the >erasure and >erasure ii projects. Wordless (Knives Forks and Spoons Press) is a collaboration of images and text with George Szirtes. He is editor at Nutshells and Nuggets, a blog for short poems. View his website at