Kristian Evans – At Glastonbury

At Glastonbury

‘Loin des oiseaux, des troupeaux, des villageoises…’

Larme, Arthur Rimbaud

What were we drinking? As if
nothing mattered but this: a wash
of vinegar for the eye
now tired of passionate
perspectives. Keep small hope
in a cup of old wine.
Cheers, pal, for the golden vodka,
we are now the urine swallowers –
So raise me high, raise me high,
let’s brave the tor together,
pick the apples, red and green,
a tent of sky for shelter…
and here are the deer herds
of the mind, the fabulous pursuit,
where mutated constellations
have tangled your boots…
and here’s a Siberian kayak,
a bearskin for Lake Baikal,
organic light, a bridge of cloud, hold on
to a violin by Marc Chagall…
for the pound shop’s a Saharan bazaar,
the bookie’s a place of prayer
and look, grail knights are gathering
at the army recruitment centre…
What were we drinking? A hundred
years passing in a day. Wanderers,
with wallets full of leaves,
thinking escape while preparing to stay.

Kristian Evans is a poet and artist from Bridgend who lives in Kenfig. His first pamphlet of poems is forthcoming from HappenStance in 2015. He writes ‘A Kenfig Journal‘ for the environmental charity Sustainable Wales. He is on Twitter @kenfigdunes