Laura McKee – swarm


as if god hated people
crossing a line
trying to walk on water

and in His almighty strop
sent a sign to David
the world could end

with this swarm
a plague of locusts

starts with one
following another
just to eat

Laura McKee likes to walk and take photos while writing poems in her head. Her poems have appeared on postcards to friends, in journals, and one will soon be on a bus in Guernsey.

Laura McKee – waterboarding


because of what you want from me
you lay me down flat
until the cloth is soaking
in my head I am drowning
and it all pours out



Laura McKee lives in Kent with four understanding children. Her poems have appeared in journals including, Other Poetry, Obsessed With Pipework, Snakeskin, Gloom Cupboard, Nutshells and Nuggets, Fake Poems, Mouse Tales Press, and many a few more.