Lisa Kelly – Night Drawing In

Night Drawing In

The debt collector’s on my doorstep,
rattling locks, peering through the letterbox,

blackening my name,
watching what I do, after things of value.

Oi! he shouts. I know you’re in.
Everything you own, every brick is on tick.

All the things that were mine
in the bright light of day, he wants to take away.

One of his henchmen has a huge lamp,
staring like a glaucous eye. I draw the curtains, sigh.

It’s no good, he laughs, I’m still here.
I try and sleep, count him down – like bills and sheep.

In the morning he’s gone,

but I know he’ll be back: dealing in the black.

Lisa Kelly’s pamphlet Bloodhound is published by Hearing Eye. She is a regular host of poetry evenings at the Torriano Meeting House, London and is studying for an MA in Creative Writing at Lancaster University.