Maggie Mackay – 21st Century Scylla

21st Century Scylla
She was the monster of Homer’s day:
Round her a dozen of feet she is always waving suspended 
Six long sinuous necks outstretching before her and each one
Beareth a head terrific with teeth in a threefold order
Many and thickly arrayed, where gapes death’s cavernous blackness.
This century we face danger more monstrous
than any kraken or squid with dinner plate eyes and coiled arms,
suction cups, horny rings, a tool kit of death.
Not such black inkiness, but smog and smoke from fossil fuels
warm our atmosphere, spawn drought and flood,
glacial melt, a stealthy ocean swell.
Arctic sheets shrink, seasons slip into one another.
Immigrant birds, butterflies and bees decline.
Brian Cox smacks down climate change deniers.


Maggie Mackay is a retired additional support needs teacher, living on the east coast of Scotland and enjoying life as a final year Masters Creative Writing student at Manchester Metropolitan University where she is currently working on her poetry portfolio. She has work in various print and online publications, including A New Manchester Alphabet, Bare Fiction, Ink, Sweat and Tears, The Interpreter’s House, Prole. Indigo Dreams Publishing and in several Three Drops Press anthologies.