Matthew Duggan – Uprising


Petroleum flowers are laid
on the gravestones of dead politics,

like a trickle of daisy-chains

on shorelines of corrupt heretics,

revolution spreads
like the blood soaked price of rising grain.

Matthew Duggan has had poems published in The Journal, Sarasvati, Roundyhouse, Illumen, Inkapture, The Seventh Quarry, Turbulence, Carillion, The Cobalt Review, Square, Dwang, The Dawntreader, Peering Cat Poetry Magazine, Zouch, The Jawline Review, and many more. He had his first collection of poems ‘Making adjustments for life expectancy’ published in January 2014, which was reviewed in Carillon and Roundyhouse magazines. He also hosts a spoken word evening every month at Hydra Bookshop in Bristol UK called ‘AN EVENING OF SPOKEN INDULGENCE’, and will be the editor of a new political poetry magazine called The Angry Manifesto launched in Feb of 2015.