Maya Horton – Sky Beneath Sun

Sky Beneath Sun

There will be a storm in this courtyard.  The hot summer air

funnelled down through the gaps in the walls, warmed

even further by the grey stone. Bugs bask in the sun. Inside

the house, cool shadows cause a temperature gradient.

It is just inside the doorway where the air fronts meet:

thunderclouds gather in the hallway, weaving secrets

into cobwebs. It won’t be long before we’re all under water.

Maya Horton is an artist and writer based primarily in Bristol (previously Newcastle), but she travels a lot throughout Europe for her work. Whilst she is primarily an artist, she has had her work published in several small presses, and has had poetry featured on the Guardian website. Her filmpoems have been shown in Iceland and in the UK. She is currently working on a small volume of poems.