Mikey Bryant – Sermon on Mount Westminster

Sermon on Mount Westminster


Blessed are the rich men’s wallets,

for theirs are the tortured women,

Blessed are those in triumph,

for they needn’t bother comforting,

Blessed are the vain,

for they will inhibit the earth,

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for TV airtime,

for their wish is God’s command,

Blessed are the vindictive,

for they will be shown the rages of sin,

Blessed are the pure of suits,

for they will see yes-men,

Blessed are the facist leaders,

for they will be called fathers of grief,

Blessed are those who ignore the persecuted children,

for theirs is the kingdom of sofas.

Blessed are you when it’s trendy to big you up and when people falsely say all kinds of good about you because of your speeches. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your ego, for in the same way they cheered the despots who were before you.