Myfanwy Fox – Bleachers


Excited white sheets line-up
in regular suburban yards
riding storm-force gusts
that rattle picket fences.

Pale clouds scud, darkening
like imagined demons rising
camouflaged in pastel shades,
obscuring light.

Who’ll draw attention now
to dirty linens once kept under wraps,
soaked, scrubbed and rinsed
to preserve a respectable finish?

This town ain’t big enough
for a burning cross not to attract
attention in the early hours of wet
heat Mississippi nights.

Now stains are cause for pride
no longer secret zealotry;
bleach a negative stain
across once-dark blood.

Myfanwy Fox – Ode to Waste Land

Ode to Waste Land
Here’s to those abandoned plots
tucked between des-res estates,
light industry, our unbuilt blocks
of social housing NIMBYs hate.
Buddleia, butterflies, blackcaps’ nests;
builders’ rubble, piles of grit;
tramps’ respite, brave children’s quests,
teenage lovers’ midnight trysts.

Here’s to ancient, awkward fields
stone rush corners, claggy cliffs,
impervious to economic yields;
that cause their farmers endless grief.
Bramble tangles, badger setts,
alder, ash and silver birch;
woodpeckers drumming, owls duet,
spit fur-bone pellets beneath their perch.

Here’s to gardens gone to briar,
rotting log piles, veg plots swelled
with rosebay, thistles, old car tyres
where mosquito larvae snorkel.
At dusk moths flirt with star-sparked glass
newts and toads seek oozy mates
house eaves heave with stirring bats;
death watch beetles tick and wait.


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Myfanwy Fox – Ghosts


are dark matter
diced by drains,
car park extensions,
underpass or bunker:
exposed again.

Allotment double-digging
sees millennia of earthworm
spirits rise to writhe
in insubstantial surprise.
Feel how damp
they leave the soil:
their ectoplasmic slime
that clings to life, to us.

Along Lyme Regis beach
dinosaurs stub
massive toes on
fossil tree stumps;
ammonites sift
spectral algae.

Petroleum pollution
is the nano-wrath
of disturbed zooplankton
fizzing as they shrivel.

Soon trilobites will skitter
across Home County carpets
when shale fracking ruptures
geological deathages;
Hallucigenia will sticky-pad
across your sleeping
baby’s cheek.



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