Nadia Kingsley – The Day After

The day after
The day after
was a frosty spring morning,
the valleys and dips spilled out mist
while the sky moved from grey to cerulean.
The propagators, though reassuringly warm,
had not yet held their seeds for long,
but the trees were a-twitter
with great tits, a robin
and sparrows hopped along the hedge top
craning their necks,
as I craned back at them. There were drifts
of sheep and higher bleats,
and while I watched
grape hyacinth eggs
with daffodils stood over them, I thought
they’re right,
it is the time to start anew, and I felt biblical for that moment.
By Nadia Kingsley First published in Road Kill (Fair Acre Press 2012)
Nadia Kingsley is currently performing in an astronomy performance called e-x-p-a-n-d-i-n-g the history of the Universe in 45 minutes, along with poet Emma Purshouse, musician Giancarlo Facchinetti and astrophysicist Prof. Trevor Ponman – in a mobile planetarium dome at festivals.