Neil Young – UKplc in 2015

UKplc in 2015

(After Shelley’s ‘England in 1819’)

Fantasy land of a fantasy Queen,
Princes so witless and hollow that war
Is a photoshoot for them, the PR machine’s
Best op since their bloody outings before;
Government turned to a shifty regime –
Is this what our granddads fought Hitler for –
A choice between charlatans, blue or red
As differing shades of the same rosette
While children are going to school unfed,
A Press that functions as savaging pet
Of the master rich while tweeting celebs
Anaesthetise us? This fuck-up could yet
Explode in London, spill out to the north,
Set Scotland reaching for home at the Forth.



Neil Young hails from Belfast and now lives in Stonehaven. He writes poems ranging from satires to sonnets, and gives readings anywhere from bookshops to bus-station cafes. Described by Brian Patten as a “socialist poet par excellence,” Neil’s first collection, ‘Lagan Voices’, was published in 2009 (Scryfa). A new booklet is due for publication later this year.