Peter Wyton – Petal Power

Petal Power
Holland, a clever country, used to have
A solely tulip based economy.
Why would you only have a single flower
To represent your entire currency.
Let’s have floral, not financial markets,
Deal in delphiniums or hollyhocks,
A Wall Street with wall-to-wall wallflowers,
A stock exchange totally stocked by stocks.
We could buy choc eggs with Easter lilies
And, at one inexpensive blow
Slay the great dragon of Christmas spending
Using a huge armful of mistletoe.
Don’t tell the government. Our Treasury
Won’t be convinced, according to reports.
Our Chancellor’s so mean he’ll not even
Offer you a peony for your thoughts.
Peter Wyton has 8 collections to his name. His work has been anthologised widely, including the O.U.P Anthology of War poetry. He has presented his poetry at festivals & arts centres throughout the British Isles