Prerna Bakshi – The ‘Untouchable’

The ‘Untouchable’

You call an idol
made out of stone
so sacred
and pure.
Claim whoever
merely touches it
will have all of their
problems cured.

So when a few hands reach
to do what you preach.
Filled with disgust
you ask, “How dare they breach?”
for they should know
the God so pure
isn’t to be touched
by hands so ‘impure’.

So ‘impure’ those hands
even a stone refuses to be touched.
You call this stone-hearted religion ‘peaceful’
–hypocrisy much?

Prerna Bakshi is a sociolinguist, writer and scholar of Indian origin, currently based in Macao. Her poetry has been published, or is forthcoming, in Linden Avenue Literary Journal, Indiana Voice Journal, Red Fez, Muse India, Postcolonial Text,Theory in Action, Hysteria, Misfit magazine, Grey Sparrow Journal, Asahi Shimbun (Japanese Daily Newspaper), Your One Phone Call | Poetry with a knife edge!, Bottle rockets, Kabul Press, Silver Birch Press, Wilderness House Literary Review, A Quiet Courage, Praxis magazine, Poetry Pacific, Whirlwind Magazine, South Asian Ensemble: A Canadian Quarterly of Literature, Arts and Culture and elsewhere. She tweets at: @bprerna