Rachel Playforth – At the club

At the club

Johannesburg, 2014

The greenkeepers make their circuit,
treading the cancelled boundaries of six old farms.
A high white wall redraws the map.
An artificial lake surrounds the putting green,
and someone somewhere
is always watering a border,
or trimming, flattening the grass,
easing the way for big men
in their bright shirts and regulation socks.
By the door is a dress code
engraved and gilded with all the permanence of
the honour roll of Captains on the wall.
Beyond the gates the gum trees tower
growing and spreading in bone-dry earth.

Rachel Playforth is a librarian working in international development by day, an editor and writer by night. Currently serving on the editorial board of the Frogmore Press and working towards a first poetry collection, she lives in Sussex with her family and a large collection of half-completed cryptic crosswords.