Richard Biddle – The Quiet Room

The Quiet Room

Open the door as you would take a breath before
whispering seductively in a lover’s ear. Let it shush

shut, calmly as an eye closing into sleep, and step
in onto a carpet of thistledown, fleece and feathers;

let it absorb the echo of your footfall . Quicker than
thinking, light and temperature switch to match your

mood. Nestle into its telepathic bosom and let this
chamber furnish you with a seat. As you sit, notice

your tongue numbing, surrender to this paralysis;
speech is unnecessary. Study silence. Memories

may come, ignore them, they are falsehoods.
They will fade. If you are captivated by the imagined,

concentrate on what is real. Let your body breathe the
atmosphere of now. Be stilled. Look up, see the roof

melt into limitless sky. Watch as walls dissolve,
maybe they were never there. Finally, as the floor

disappears, leaving you floating in wordless space, you
are here, aware, experiencing emptiness, freedom.

Richard Biddle aka (bid) has an MA in Performance Writing. He lives in Chichester, UK, where he continues to experiment with writing using the Twitter accounts @littledeaths68 @chimeragroup0 @echovirus12  & @cosmologgorhea. You can find more evidence of his work here – and here