Richmore Tera – The World I Love

The World I Love
Thank you uncle
For teaching me to love
The world
Without a sword
But roses
And bread
Hidden (as presents) behind my back
Today, the same world
Whom I learnt to Iove
Without cactus words
Have turned into my Brutus
And I, their Julius Caesar
Fit to stab in the back.
Richmore Tera is a Zimbabwean poet, short story writer and freelance journalist. He has written for Zimbabwe’s leading newspapers which include The Herald, The Standard as well as the SADC regional newspaper, The Southern Times. He also contributes to the online publication, News of the South which publishes news from Southern Africa as well as the Diaspora.
He is Associate Editor of Chitungwiza Central Hospital’s health magazine, with the hospital being Zimbabwe’s first ISO certified public health institution.