Rishi Dastidar – Three Poems

Value at risk

“Hello Stockholm? Yes, this is the economy of the world calling. Yes, that’s right, we called earlier, but you were busy giving some dynamite to Abba? Anyway, just to say that we’ve got Messrs Scholes, Black and Fischer in the boot of our Ferrari, trussed up in some of their Excel macros, and we’re going to do to them what they did to us – think of it as a male remake of Thelma & Louise – unless you revoke their prize, and knowledge. Capische? Kthnxbai!”



Unfulfilled workers of the world,
be more forthright.

You have nothing to lose
but your Facebook addictions.


The Big Society

We are building the Big Society,
and doing it on your backs.
We won’t stand for any impropriety.
We are building the Big Society.
We will give you a life of variety;
we hope you enjoy dodging our axe!
We are building the Big Society,
and doing it on your backs.


Rishi Dastidar works as a copywriter in London. A graduate of the Faber Academy and a member of Malika’s Poetry Kitchen, he was a runner-up in the 2011 Cardiff International Poetry Competition, and featured in the 2012 anthologies ‘Lung Jazz’ and ‘Adventures in Form’. He is also currently part of The Complete Works II.