Ron Runeborg – Middle Ground

Middle Ground

Might there be some middle ground where you and I could meet for tea
or are our different views of life a wall we’ll never breach
could we call a truce wherein we just agree to disagree
or is our whole humanity just endless, pointed speech

Would you find it in your heart to set our differences aside
for just a moment, just a word of comfort for we two
is it far too much to ask to see me knotted up inside
for though our poles are far apart, I worry just as you

If I refuse to lean your way do I cease living in your eyes
Is it just simple truth that single issues say it all
You’d think that we could find a space where we might calmly socialize
and find that neither you or I are demoniacal


Ron Runeborg is an old codger living in Farmington Minnesota USA, where he writes for nothing but the love of the craft. His lovely wife Linda and scaredy cat dog Montague attend to his every eccentricity, when they darn well feel like it.