Scott Thomas Outlar – Ever On

Ever On

Now that I’ve lost my father
I’m ready to lose my fear
so I let them go together
and honor one by walking through the fire

Now that it’s over
Now that the dust settles down
Now that ties are broken
Now that the bones are in the ground
I have no choice, sir
I see no other way
I have to move on
I cannot lie down in defeat
You would not want it
You would urge me ever on
You won’t allow it
Your voice is heard still in my heart

Scott Thomas Outlar lives a relatively simple life in the suburbs, spending his time reading, researching, taking meditative walks, gazing at stars, laughing at life’s existential nature, flowing and fluxing with the Tao River, and writing prose-fusion poetry dedicated to the Phoenix Generation. His words have appeared recently in venues such as Dissident Voice, Section 8, Siren, Black Mirror, Aphelion, Dead Snakes, and Mad Swirl. Links to Scott’s published work can be found at