Sue Millard – Genealogy


Ich bin Englanderin
My mother’s great-grandfather had to leave
when they said his family name belonged to the enemy…
Tá mé bean na Fraince
..they spat upon his wife in the street
and hanged her dog on the garden gate.
Je suis irlandaise
My father’s great-grandfather had to leave
when potatoes turned to mush in the ground…
yo soy una mujer alemana
..his wife brought up sixteen children
without asking the parish for a penny.
I am an Englishwoman. With these voices in my genes
I cannot understand why an Englishman must shout
immigrants, go home.

Sue Millard – Doll


No matter which way he turns her

or folds her limbs, she is supple as a cat,

elastic and elegant with a faint smile

imprinted on her lips. Serene, effortless,

compliant: no hint of claws or teeth,

no trickle of seduction, none

of the messiness of real encounters,

almost as though it doesn’t matter

one way or the other, as though

it could be him or whoever or no-one.

Her lack of resistance folds him

down into a box. He tucks himself

away, a mannikin, unable to explain.


Sue Millard lives in Cumbria. Her website, showcases her published output of novels and non-fiction which tend to feature horses, carriage-driving, romance, rural life, history and artistic but inept dragons. Her poems have been published by, e.g., The Interpreter’s House, Pennine Platform, Pirene’s Fountain, Butcher’s Dog, Lighten Up Online, Snakeskin, and Prole. Her recent collection, ASH TREE, is published by Prole,