Susan Evans – For You, Emmeline

For you, Emmeline

Labour gave us the NHS
and an unjust war.
Coalition dismantle services
and persecute the poor.

UKIP want out of Europe,
Britain can’t afford the fee:
lay it all on immigration
disrespect diversity.

Other parties hold some merit,
some are too extreme;
sitting most comfortably
for me today is Green.

Yellow buses run on chip fat,
fighting cuts and Human Rights,
care for people and our planet;
our Caroline Lucas seems alright.

Today we get to pick a colour,
Red or Yellow or Green…
today I will pick a colour
for you, Emmeline.


© Susan Evans 2015 All rights reserved.

To remember Emmeline Pankhurst, leader of the Suffragette Movement, in campaigning for women’s right to vote.
Caroline Lucas, Britain’s first Green MP, Brighton (Pavilion) 2010-2015.

Susan Evans is a UK based performance poet, teacher and therapist from London, living in Brighton. Susan’s featured in various publications; print and on-line, including: Ink, Sweat & Tears, Pankhearst, Poetry Space, Prole and Writing Magazine. Susan performs her work at various venues and festivals throughout the UK. You can find her here: